ReQuieM 4 eLViS + JeSuS
a performance by
aTHeNa BLue

Dictionary Definition
1. n.) Any grand musical composition, performed in honor of a deceased person.
2. (n.) Rest; quiet; peace.
3. (n.) A mass said or sung for the repose of a departed soul.
4 eLViS + JeSuS

In 2004
I was asked to be part of the Buzz + Click Festival,
an annual event that John Brassil (DJB) of WRVU hosts each year
showcasing the more experimental electronic(a) side of Nashville.

The date happened to coincide with the death toll of 2000 American servicemen
in a war that started in Afganistan
looking for Osama Bin Laden
and escalated into Iraq
How could I do a gig with that cloud hovering?

I decided to make my musical contribution a memorial to
sons and daughters
fathers and mothers
brothers and sisters
who had died
in the name of freedom

I found a list of the war dead on line
edited it so that my computer could speak their names
and recorded the list using software to make it fit into my allotted performance time of 30 minutes.

Whilst editing I noticed the names of Elvis and Jesus kept jumping out at me
Two of the most famous names in America set amongst the thousands
Hence the title:-
ReQuieM 4 eLViS + JeSuS

Since then
I have performed the requiem many times
with different musicians
in different locations
Buzz + Click has been and gone twice since the first performance
and the death toll has doubled(+) as i type this

I have built a Peace Park in the virtual world of Second Life
with a Peace Pyramid made of the names of the fallen
where people can come and meditate
wander through the peace museum
reading the reason
why we wear poppies
why 111111 is such an important date
why . . .
why . . .
why . . .

aTHeNa BLue
is the electronica project of veteran composer/soundescape artist Jan Pulsford
who performs the requiem with different guest musicians
ambient improvizations over the names of the war dead and jagged cut up rhythms
starting 11th May
aTHeNa BLue will be performing the requiem on the 11th day of each month @ 11am
up until Armistice day on 11th November @ 11am
The first performance will be on WRVU @ 11am

To schedule a performance or for further details
DOWNLOAD a free PDF brochure HERE
a LiVe iN 4/4 - aTHeNa BLue
live performances in the peace park 2008
DoWNLoaD + DoNaTe
eGYPtiaN FoG (03/22/08)
FLoaTInG WiTH YuRi (04/27/08)
i SeT Me FRee (04/25/04)
ReQuieM 4 eLViS + JeSuS (2008) (03/22/08)
right click on the title link (MAC users control click)to download and enjoy!

a LiVe iN 4/4 performance notes
Just about all of my performances in the virtual world of Second Life are for various charitable events
I have put a PayPal donate button on the page
- if you feel so inclined. Any amount will do but $5.00 is suggested.
Anyway either way right click on the title link (MAC users control click)to download and enjoy . .
it's me playing and performing live from my G5 ( obviously there are some pre-recorded drum loops but everything else was lined up so i could play and manipulate for the show) fluffs and all .
For those of you who don't know - my avatar in the on line world of second life is Jana Kyomoon.
so here's Jana playing aTHeNa BLue - aLiVe iN a SeCoND Life . . .
ReQuieM 4 eLViS + JeSuS (2008)